Embedded Analytics

Deliver analytics outside your business

Internal tooling

Integrate your charts and dashboards with powerful functionality into your home-grown apps.

Customer facing apps

Easily integrate and embed analytics directly inside of your application, product, or service.

External reporting

Automate tailored reporting and make your ecosystem more agile and responsive.

Flexibility for your customers and partners experience

Reduce development costs

Iterate on your customer-facing reporting without touching your product´s code. Quickly update queries, and define custom click behavior. Enable your data analysts to do it on their own.

Full customization

Use pre-installed charts and a no-code editor to quickly embed interactive analytics into your product. Fine-tune colors, fonts, annotations, and more for a seamless on-brand product experience.

Iterate on your customer feedback

Give your customers access to the most relevant set of charts and metrics, so they can explore, and use data on their own.

Business Analytics

Help your team explore and learn from data.

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Dynamic Dashboards

Share your insights with your team or the world.

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Get up and running

Your business deserves fantastic analytics.