Data sources

Connect with lots of different databases and data warehouses

Pre-built connectors

Large catalog of connectors for your data warehouses and other data sources.

No database in place

We offer open-source relational databases like PostgresSQL and comercial datawarehouses like Snowflake.

Custom connectors

You want to communicate with services that aren’t available as prebuilt connectors, we make it happen.

Centralize all your data

Connect to a compatible database

Our catalog of ELT connectors scurely extracts data from all your tools, and reliably loads it to your data warehouse, data lake, or database.

Greenfield data warehouse implementation

Building a Data and Analytics Platform from scratch is always difficult. But it is also exciting and rewarding. We will help you get off the ground with PostgresSQL or Snowflake.

Integrate Custom connectors from scratch

We will help you streamline your critical workflows and save you valuable time.

Embedded Analytics

Quickly include analytics in your products and apps.

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Interactive Dashboards

Share your insights with your team or the world.

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Get up and running

Your business deserves fantastic analytics.