Self-service Business Analytics

Focus on answering data questions

Visual query builder

Transform raw data into interactive visualizations that make it easier to spot patterns and interpret trends.

Native SQL editor

The semantic layer enables last-mile SQL data transformations.

Manage everything as code

Leverage the API to manage user interface interactions, as well as user access such assets as code.

Eliminate bottlenecks and give your data context

No-code data exploration

Build powerful data visualizations with a simple drag-and-drop interface, making complex datasets consumable with a few clicks.

World-class SQL editor

Use our collaborative SQL IDE to calculate new metrics from single or multiple datasets without changing the values of your existing data.

Powerful API

The REST API is a powerful feature that provides access to key functional aspects such as user and team management and visualisation management.

Embedded Analytics

Quickly include analytics in your products and apps

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Interactive Dashboards

Share your insights with your team of the world.

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Get up and running

Your business deserves fantastic analytics.