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Apache Superset™ is the cloud-native, open-source technology powering Izroq BI.

These companies are leveraging Apache Superset™ today:

Mission Control for Your Data



Your data, wherever you need it

Make your data accessible across your organization by safely connecting all your tools.

Break down data siloes

Connect to any source to make more data sources accessible.

Build a single source of truth

Find new insights by combining data across systems and sources.

Keep your data engineering costs in check

Automate data pipelines and control your data refresh - free your engineers to focus on your product.



No code, no problem

Get your data in front of your team - no SQL required.

No-Code Visual Query Builder

Free your data from the boundaries of SQL and let everyone query your data in no time. Need joins, drill-downs, and calculated columns? We’ve got you covered.

Interactive Dashboards

Quickly build and share dynamic dashboards that showcase your data in just a few clicks. Choose from over 40+ pre-installed visualizations, or create your own to suit your business needs.

Build charts your team can actually understand

Accelerate your ability to turn complex data into clear, visual stories that keep things consistent and avoiding repetition.


Reports & Alerts

Base decisions on fresh data

Interactive dashboards and automated reports let data flow through the organization, wherever they are needed.

Automated reports

Get your favorite dashboard, right in your inbox or Slack channel. Schedule reports ahead or set triggers for timely alerts.

Share and present insights in context

Get relevant feedback, support recommendations, and validate ideas with confidence, knowing that everyone’s on the same page.

Monitor access and exports

Control who can access what. Set permissions at the row, table, and dashboard levels.

Based in Europe

Your data is stored securely on European servers.

Enjoy full control and compliance with all European regulations and directives such as GDPR.

We will never share your datat without your consent.

Highest Security Standards

We are committed to using encryption wherever possible.

We secure our infrastructure and enforce strict access control.

By complying with all regulations and best practices, we stay one step ahead.

Get up and running

Your business deserves fantastic analytics.